Ten Reasons why Students From Geology Department Would Always be Happy

Geology is a know Department for Its Numerous field trips. Probably why so many students especially adventurous ones venture into it. At the same time, the same reason why some lazy ones would rather chose Botany Or Animal Science Instead.
Like it or not, Geology is still one of the best courses in The world for anyone who would like to have a deeper appreciation of the Earth and its forms
Enough of the Intro! Lets see the 10 Reasons why students Who chose Geology as a Career are the happiest Around…
1. SATISFIES YOUR CURIOSITY: Geology allows you the opportunity to pursue your curiosity about the world around us. You can get answers that inform on the world around us, such as why are there white sand beaches, how do volcanoes form, what controls our climate, how to the oceans work, etc.
2. YOU GET TO ENJOY FIELD TRIPS: One of the best parts about being a geologist are the field trips. As a geology major in college you will visit outcrops of rock, camp in the wilderness, and hike for hours all in the name of science. If this sounds like a good way to earn college credit, or get paid for when in your career, you should probably consider geology.
3. GEOLOGY TAKES YOU AROUND THE WORLD: There is a need for geologists around the world and often times a geologist’s field site is in another state, country, or continent. You will have the opportunity to travel and meet fellow scientists from different walks of life.
4. YOU ARE BETTER IN ANSWERING UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: You get to use your analytical skills to solve problems no one has an answer to. There are many unknown aspects of geology, especially as it’s a relatively new science compared to physics, chemistry, and biology. Take your analytical mind and apply it to understand how to predict earthquakes or study the composition of exoplanets.
5. A GOOD PAYCHECK: A career in geology is well compensated, with a variety of different career paths and job titles. The main types of careers for geologists are in academia, working for the government (USGS), environmental consulting, oil and gas industry, or mining industry.
6. You can have access to a variety of cutting edge technology. Geologists regularly use seismic data to understand the subsurface, complex subsurface models to reconstruct the past, or detailed physical measurements to understand subtle movements.
7. EASY EMPLOYMENT: There is great employment growth for geologists. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 10% increase in employment from 2014 to 2024.
8. You can get a job right out of college if you’re happy with a bachelor’s degree. There are many job opportunities with a BS in geology. However, there are a few more opportunities with those that gain a MS in geology.
9. It is a laid back field and a small community of colleagues. You’ll find that you undoubtedly know people in common with other geologists and will find many geologists sociable and friendly.
10. Geology Lets you study Rocks In some ways, the field is a bit black and white. Many people either are fascinated by the rocks and systems around us or simply not. If you find yourself hiking and wondering asking yourself “why” questions, you’ll fit right in.
For these reasons, geology students are indeed the happiest in the campus.

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