How Facebook,Twitter,BBM,Instagram can Make you Friendless And hostile on Campus

Ok! Today i want to write on a very important topic that actually affects you and i as students In one of the prominent institutions in our country, Nigeria.
As a student, i have come to realize that schooling actually is not all about lectures, Notes, tests, practicals and examinations- I see more than these because the school is an institution of socialization where a human is supposed to meet with different persons from varying backgrounds and culture.
However, i also feel that with the emergence of hi-Tech Devices today, people no longer see the need to widen out, meet people and chat, share ideas and learn new things.
Friends, believe me when i say this has a negative impart on our life as a student.
All students do these days include:
Facebook all day in the lecture hall
Ping and laugh with friends who could be virtual
Some even prefer writing their assignments right from the net without exchanging ideas with fellow classmates. Many students has lost that human relationship as the only companion they seem to have and cherish is their Mobile Device.
This is not only obtainable on Campuses, even at the work place.
There is need to Mind your business, Yes! No doubt, i Agree to that but sometimes it pays to pick on someone.
The truth is that when you pay all your attention to your gadgets, you become friendless, You may communicate with people on your social network, Whatsapp,Facebook, Instagram, but the truth still remains that they are virtual friends since they may not even be within your immediate environment.
You need to understand that your Friends Near will always be there at all times, but your friends on the social Network may at times be offline for some reasons and this can create a feeling of boredom, anxiety and wrong conclusions.
Now imagine a situation where you urgently need the opinion of a friend on social network and you then realize he./she is offline or trapped in a No-Network zone. what will you do? Call Mike? But you’ve been ignoring Mike for Weeks, sometimes you even act like he’s a wind.
You may not know but Your class mates actually know the kind of person you are, They would label you as a snubbing type once they feel you’re hard to talk to or hardly available for conversations. Sometimes its best you Mingle and say that laugh, be naughty, get involved and dont be a “Kill Joy”
CONCLUSION: Its not like using the social network is bad, infact it is one of the best places to be especially when it has to do with facebook, twitter and BBM but when it seems like they want to rub those around you the attention they crave, then i feel you would need a balance.
Left for me, i will rather spend 60% of my free time with my Friends in the hostel, Class and the rest 40% for those available on the social network.
I know you must have something to say, Please add your opinions Below!

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