2023 Policy Meeting: JAMB Set Cut Off Marks, Reveals Top Scores

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and tertiary education stakeholders have established the cut-off marks for 2023 university admissions in Nigeria. The cut-off is 140 for universities and 100 for polytechnics and colleges of education. This decision will affect private universities that had earlier chosen lower minimum points, as they’ll now need to increase their thresholds to at least 140. Scroll down to read in details.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and stakeholders in tertiary education across the nation have jointly approved the “National Minimum Tolerable UTME Score (NTMUS)” or more commonly referred to as the cut-off mark for 2023 admission into Nigeria’s universities.

Setting the Benchmark: Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education


The benchmarks were finalized at the 2023 annual policy meeting on admissions into tertiary institutions. The meeting, convened in Abuja, resulted in a cut-off of 140 for universities and a cut-off of 100 for polytechnics and colleges of education. This pivotal meeting was chaired by the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, Andrew Adejoh, who took the final decision following recommendations from institutional heads.

Beyond a Single Benchmark: Flexibility for Institutions

JAMB Registrar, Is-haq Oloyede, stated that the approved minimum benchmark isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The meeting establishes a minimum acceptable score, but institutions still have the liberty to raise their minimum points higher than the agreed benchmark, reflecting the unique requirements and standards of each institution.

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“Anything we decide here will become the minimum. What it means is that nobody can go below it,” explained Mr. Oloyede. This indicates a clear distinction between the floor and the ceiling of admission scores, with the opportunity for individual institutions to raise the ceiling as per their preferences.

Implications of the New Cut-Off Marks

The implications of this decision are significant, particularly for about fifteen private universities that had earlier selected 120 and 130 as minimum points. These institutions will now have to increase their minimum points to at least 140. Simultaneously, all polytechnics and colleges of education are obliged not to admit students scoring less than the 100 minimum score.

Determining the Cut-Off Points: A Democratic Process

The process of determining these cut-off points is not unilateral but rather a democratic one involving all stakeholders. All tertiary institutions send their individually preferred minimum points to JAMB ahead of the meeting.

At the policy meeting, university vice-chancellors, rectors of polytechnics, and provosts of colleges of education engage in a debate to agree upon a minimum benchmark for admission. After thorough discussion, the minimum benchmark favoured by the majority of stakeholders is adopted, providing a fair and balanced approach to setting admission criteria.

The updated cut-off marks set a new precedent for admission standards in Nigeria, ensuring that students meet a universally recognized standard, while also allowing institutions the flexibility to uphold their unique academic requirements.

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  1. Pls I score 246 in jamb and I want to do change of course from computer science to mechanical engineering in fut Minna are my chances of admission slim

  2. Someone who has not seen her jamb result till now…what do you think could be the problem, She’s also giving up. will be glad to get a reply ASAP on what to do..Thank you!

  3. Plz I got 146, but i want Study Spychology in Coou Igbariam, but There cut off is 180, is there anything i can do about it

  4. pls I got 179 and I heard on radio the cut off mark for universities are reduced….is there a chance futo can accept me?

  5. Good morning, pls my younger brother scored 190 and intends changing his choice of institution to unizik but a Lecturer there said d cut off is 200 and nothing can be done. Wat do u suggest?

  6. pls i score 196 in 2017/18 jamb for med/surgery in LASU and ABU with an o'level result of eng—-b3,maths—–b3,chemistry—-b3,biology—b3,physics—-a1 respectively….. what are my chances of getting admitted these year?

  7. pls i score 196 in 2017/18 jamb for med/surgery in LASU and ABU with an o'level result of eng—-b3,maths—–b3,chemistry—-b3,biology—b3,physics—-a1 respectively….. what are my chances of getting admitted these year?

  8. pls i scored 187 in my jamb, and i choose lasu for Insurance, is dere any possibility for admission

  9. please i scored 191 and i choose university of ibadan AGRIC ECONOMICS CAN MY RESULT GAIN ME ADDMISSION

  10. I appreciate this microcosm site in the field of information, it well furnished informative. I want to ask, A friend of mine scored 193 in her jamb, purposing to study medicine and surgery in UNICAL, but seeing this score she always gets discouraged! Based on this info. can she still gain admission in medicine and surgery department with 193 scores on jamb?

    Thanks for your anticipated response.

  11. Please I score 175 which I choose Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic Kaduna State for (SLT) Science Laboratory technology, please can this my score 175 get me admission to the school???

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  13. Good morning. Please i got 194in jamb and i choose uniben medicine/surgery, mu jamb form was one federal, one poly, one college of education and one computer school. Please which university will admit me.

  14. Good evening.please i scored 194 in jamb and i choosed medicine/surgery in uniben. I don't just know what to do am so, so confused last year i got 238. Please what is the way forward.

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