LASU Notice To All Final Year Students On 2015/2016 Semester Exam Schedule

This is to inform all our final year students, that in line with our continuous drive for Evaluation, Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures, the 2015/2016 Harmattan (i.e. 1st) and Rain (i.e. 2nd) semester examinations at the Lagos State University External System (LASUES) will be administered at the main campus of the University at Ojo, Badagry Expressway, Ojo, Lagos.


Please note that the processes of accreditation of students for the examination, invigilation and grading of examination scripts will be done by academic staff at the main campus, Ojo. It should also be noted that the examinations will be THEORY Based; and NOT Multiple Choice Questions. This will afford the students the unique opportunity to have the main campus experience and to assure them that LASU is one; whether in the external or the internal contexts. Temporary Accommodation: Limited Hostel accommodation is available for pregnant women and physically challenged students on first come, first served basis at a subsidized rate.


Special arrangements will be made for BRT buses from the External Campuses to Ojo Campus for the exams.

Registration and Payment of Fees: 

Prompt online registration and payment of school fees are non-negotiable requirements for attendance at lectures and the forthcoming examinations.
1. Commencement of 2015/2016 Harmattan Semester and Students’ Resumption/Online Registration Mon, 18th July 2016 Mon, 24th July 2016
2. Lectures (10 weeks) Mon, 18th July 2016 Fri, 18th Sept, 2016
3. Submission of Questions Mon, 15th Aug, 2016 Fri, 29th Aug, 2016
4. Revision (1 week) Mon, 19th Sept, 2016 Sun, 25th Sept 2016
5. Examinations Mon, 3rd Oct, 2016 Wed, 12th Oct, 2016
6. Grading/Compilation of Results Fri, 14th Oct, 2016 Fri, 28th Oct, 2016
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1. Students’ Resumption/Online Registration Mon, 19th Oct, 2016 Sun, 204h Oct, 2016
2. Lectures (10 weeks) Mon, 24th Oct, 2016 Fri, 30th Dec, 2016
3. Submission of Questions Fri, 5th   Dec, 2016 Fri, 15th Dec, 2016
4. Revision Mon, 2nd Jan, 2017 Sun, 8thth Jan, 2017
5. Examinations Mon, 9th Jan, 2017 Sun, 15th Jan, 2017
6. Grading/Compilation of Results Mon, 16th Jan, 2017 Fri,23rd Jan, 2017

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