Mr. Monday Danjem Elected As UNIJOS New Registrar

Mr. Monday Danjem has assumed office as the new Registrar of the University of Jos taking over from Mr Danjuma Jilli-Dandam whose tenure ended on the 24th June, 2016. Mr Jilli-Dandam spent six years as Registrar following his appointment in 2010.

In a valedictory remark, Mr. Jilli-Dandam recalled with nostalgia that his greatest ambition was to become a Deputy Registrar when he joined the University on 26th March, 1982. He gave God the glory for his eventual appointment as Registrar and for enjoying good health during his whole tenure.

He appreciated the Registry Staff describing them as foot soldiers and as the General, he had only been guiding them on where to focus on, adding that he enjoyed the cooperation of Registry Staff who worked as a team and did their best to enable him succeed.

The immediate-past Registrar advised the new Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Seddi Sebastian Maimako to work closely with the new Registrar considering that both positions were complimentary as they are creations of the University Act. He stressed that the Registrar cannot take-over the Vice-Chancellor’s responsibilities and vice-versa as may be viewed in some quarters. 

Mr Jilli-Dandam also appealed to the Vice-Chancellor to take the welfare of the Registry staff very seriously since he would be working with them in the next five years as his foot soldiers. He enjoined him to always interact with Heads of Units and Divisions through the Registrar, explaining that where he deals directly with them and something goes wrong, the officer would be held responsible. 

He called on the University Staff to accord Mr Danjem the level of support he enjoyed from them during the past six years while counseling the new Registrar to be a stickler to rules and regulations of the University.

Responding, the new Registrar, Mr. Monday Danjem thanked God for the opportunity given him to serve as Registrar of the institution which he attributed to God’s mercy and favour and not because he was the most intelligent or most experienced of all the applicants.

He explained that he was fully aware of the magnitude of the obligation of the position he was appointed to, stressing that with the help of God and support of Staff of the University, he would contribute to the advancement of the University to greater heights as the task of building the University was a collective one.

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