Factors Why Students Graduate with a 3rd Class and Pass in the Universities and Polytechnics

All the tertiary institution in nigeris- the state and federal universities there are many Grades one can comeout with and these may include:

1. First Class
2. Second Class Upper (2-1)
3. Second Class Lower (2-2) and 
4. Pass (3rd Class)
From the above arrangement, it can be said that First Class candidates are those with were able to obtain the highest Value in their CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)while those with 2-1 are regarded as those just below those in first class group.

For Students in the universities, the one common phrase that often attracts the word “God-Forbid” is “3rd Class” and most students would do all it takes to ensure their G.P falls above this. The truth is that making a pass or 3rd Class at the university or polytechnic does not really make you a dull boy or lady. I have seen cases where graduates with 3rd Class actually had all it takes to make a second class upper or even a second class lower.

During interviews, 3rd Class Graduates are treated like secondary school leavers while those with 2-1 and 2-2 along with first class Graduates are given preferential treatments. This may be dis-heartening for graduates with Pass Or Third Class. What i still believe is that even those who ought to have made  first Class at the university failed to do so because of certain reasons.
A student could come out with a 3rd class reasons and situations beyond his capabilities.
Concrete Reasons why Students End up with a Pass Or 3rd Class could be explained by grouping the students into:
Category 1: This category includes students that Failed to Focus on their Academics – These students were carried away with the things they could see on campus: Fine girls, freedom from parents, freedom to do what you like and clubs. They became engrossed on other activities that hindered their  ability to stay on the academic lane. Some would even be seen in Class once it is time for Test or Examination. This class of student would only realize their failure when it is already too late to retrace their steps.
Category 2: Students who are easily distracted during their examinations- There are times when you see brilliant students confused in examination halls because they’ve lost all they read as a result of a little distraction in the examination hall. Distractions could be because the pen stopped writing or they on their attempt to remember something the once knew, forgot all other points. Others even fall asleep during examinations while others would forget it is examination period and play with their reading time.
Category 3: Students who fell ill during examination time- This could really be disturbing especially when the condition keeps repeating itself. This is one reason why every student o
n campus needs the divine protection of the almighty God in order to safely ward off every attack of the evil one. These students would gladly take any score given them by the course lecturers
The truth is that Making a First Class, 2-1 or even a 3rd Class is never the power of anyone but the divine one up above and with this, i would recommend that students remain close to their makers and serve him whole souled.

Category 4: Students Who as a result of financial Issues had to switch from home to school, from school to construction sites, doing some odd Jobs just be able to lay their hands on some cash for their extra curricular expenses. These students are often times people whose parents could not afford to meet with their educational needs, who never wants to let their Zeal for education cool off. They are determined and most times make a first class in the university while some would be too stressed out as a result of their busy schedules. They are very grateful for whatever score they obtain from the course lecturer.

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