UNILORIN Offical School Portal Hacked And Defaced By Hacker Coy Emerald

While searching for the latest news, i decided to visit the UNILORIN Official website to see if there was any update from them, Lo and Behold i couldnt gain access i tried refreshing to my utmost suprise i got the message as screenshot-ted above which read thus:

COY Emarld Administrator/Developer Of This Website should kindly contact me via Facebook [www.facebook.com/to.san.39] [I defaced this page in-order to prevent loss of data in your website] malicious attacker is here…. and i have been warning Yoo via email and other means, Hacking is an illegal but The Admin here is a bit careless too…. Sorry Admin.

I was shocked as i read this, i refreshed the page again and a new message was displayed as also screenshot-ted in the image below which read:

”I Dont tamper any of your data!!! i don’t hack for Fun, I dont Hack for money, I dont hack to win scholarship [Because am no longer a student] I Only hack to show proof of the Notification i sent to website Developer!!! Contact www.facebook.com/to.san.39”

I Decided to visit the hackers timeline to know the exact reason for his intention, and i learnt that the Hacker had earlier warned The UNILORIN Web Developer based on some loop holes he discovered on the site and that it should be patched, but the Web Developer just ignored all his messages, which compelled him to show the entire Unilorin Community that he was right.

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In Conclusion i think this hack is just a warning to the UNILORIN Engineers to improve on their security system inorder not to be a victim to the Bad Guys again!!!
From the look of things/situation on ground the website will be released in few hours

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