Infninx Zero 3 First Picture After Launch

Infinix finally launched Infinix Zero 3 yesterday, and the camera is just like Alice the wonderland. 20.7MP is not a child play, running on 2.2GHz Octa-core processor makes me file it’s a premium device. Fortunately enough, someone won this device at the launch and he posted the first pics.

From what I’ve seen so far, Infinix really tried on this device. But I want to know why they are still keeping  the price to themselves until its available in online stores. Everyone wants to know the price of this premium device but infinix I guess is somehow hiding the price even though the device has been launched. Infinix, why are you hiding the price? Or is it equivalent to Tecno Phantom 5of N70,000? If the price is not on the high side, why are they hiding the price of this device?
You can see the infinix zero 3 short video below
That’s not my major concern but what is happening to Infinix note 2 2GB 4G LTE variant? Or do infinix think it won’t sell in Nigeria?

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