How to Read without Falling Asleep when preparing for Any Exam

Get enough Sleep : there is need to give your body enough sleep either in the day or night.
if you schedule to read in the night, it’s advisable to have enough sleep in the afternoon and if you plan to read in the. Afternoon, give your body enough sleep at Night.

2). Don’t read on your Bed : it’s a very bad idea when you use your bed as a permanent place of Reading.
Get a very comfortable chair to read in day or at night.
Sleeping or sitting on bed to read is the fastest way to get to the dream and sleep island.

3) Take Break: not everyone will have the benefit or ability to read for 4 hours.
You can start with 1 hour reading.
whenever you become successful with 1 hour reading, you can decide to try 2 hours or more.

4) Drink water and Eat frequently : if you have tried all methods and you are still feeling sleepy.
You can use the water and food solution.
Get something to drink and chew every 20 minutes.
When you drink and eat, you are likely not to fall asleep.

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