2016/2017 JAMB CBT English Language Expo Questions And Answers

Jamb 2016/2017 Questions/Answers Expo, in all subjects like
English Language
Agric/Agricultural Science
Economics, etc.
Has been released but we are still working on them, (Almost through) So you have to come back to this website: jambadmission.com.ng this very page, bookmark us or write it down on a peice of paper. You can drop your phone number and subject combinations on the comment box below for the answers to be sent to you on that day

Updated on 27th of February 2016

English.1D 2A 3C 4C 5A 6B 7D 8C 9A 10B 11B 12B 13C 14C 15C 16B 17C 18A 19B 20D 21A 22B 23B 24C 25B 26B 27C 28D 29D 30B 31C 32D 33D 34D 35B 36C 37C 38B 39D 40A 41D 42A 43D 44B 45A 46B 47B 48D 49D  50C.

On Monday 29th of February 2016 Physics expo would be released here by 6:30 am in the morning. Just comment your number on the comment box below and remember that its www.jambadmission.com.ng that provides it

Jamb expo update on the 2nd of march 2016

Note that those that paid normally receive Questions And Answers, and we normally send it to them 8 Hours before the exam start….. We posted this free in hurry Hour, you don’t pay for it and you won’t receive it early and this is even the last day of free answers, take note 

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Ans – Conflict are noted for facilitating opportunities
Ans – All conflict management approaches can be applied in all situation
Ans – Mediator
Ans – Fundamental
Ans – Usefulness
Ans – Native language are difficult to use as language of instruction
Ans – language & culture are interwoven
Ans – Its promote understanding within the group
Ans – Expressed
Ans – Our native Language is as important as the world around us
Ans – Images
Ans – influenced
Ans – Acute
Ans – Emmulate
Ans – Approve
Ans – High
Ans – insignificant
Ans – Seldom
Ans – Launded
Ans – Verifies
Ans – Misconcept
Ans – JOke
Ans – Eze
Ans – Garulous
Ans – Efua
Ans – Conformity
Ans – he was whistling
Ans – He smiled sheepishly
Ans – Nene
Ans – Always ready to punish offenders
Ans – School perfect
Ans – Humble & likeable person
Ans – unity against the bulying of the eldest brother
Ans – Accountancy
Ans – jumping into a nearby bush
Ans – They control their capital more strictly
Ans – His action were seriously rejected
Ans – My brother & I haven ‘ t Seen the movie
Ans – He wasn ‘ t givien the car cos his father complained
Ans – she cannot changed the way things happend
Ans – The lecturer is an xperience that change the way she think
Ans – He is one of those that live in a distant & underdeveloped area
Ans – he would support the club
Ans – Try not become sad and hopeless
Ans – He was not invited and so he did not attend
Ans – Calm
Ans – pleasant
Ans – defended
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Ans – Normal
Ans – Distinguish
Ans – Natural
Ans – Dawdles
Ans – Ambiguous
Ans – Respective
Ans – Consistency
Ans – someone who never drinks alcohol
Ans – Sarcastic
Ans – come off
Ans – terrible
Ans – Essential
Ans – Dull
Ans – Excitement
Ans – understanding
Ans – steady
Ans – Hates
Ans – From
Ans – Alive
Ans – Were
Ans – Splitted
Ans – Would not have rushed into it
Ans – Fell into
Ans – By
Ans – Wasn ‘ t he
Ans – While
Ans – Types of program
Ans – Stand- up for
Ans – In
Ans – To
Ans – Bringing forth
Ans – In
Ans – Does she
Ans – Kept apart
Ans – SomeWhat
Ans – of
Ans – Rogue
Ans – Call
Ans – Breath
Ans – Said
Ans – Breaks
Ans – cite
Ans – bleat
Ans – part
Ans – MotiVAtion
Ans – PrograMATIC
Ans – certifiCAtion
Ans – Who is a lawyer
Ans – Is bukola ‘ s aunt is a strict teacher
Ans – Did she put the spoon on the chair ?

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