When Setting Goals Up A Goal – Two Major Factors To Consider When Doing This

Goal setting in life is a crucial thing one must take important because it is what defines your present and your future. When a man refuse to have a futuristic arrangement for his life, then he is bound to have a disorganized future.
Goal setting in life doesn’t just stop at the starting, it is the ability to attain it that counts. There is a great distance and difference between setting a goal and achieving it. Setting a goal of becoming great is not the issue but achieving it. I have seen people with luxury of goals and determination and at the end unable to achieve them.
There has been various minds made up to achieve great things but ending up achieving nothing, not because the zeal is not there or the passion absent but because there are some important things that has not been discovered, considered and defined.

A goal is like a GPS in life. It gives you direction and helps you choose where to go in life. It gives you a vision about your ideal future and to turn it into reality. When you have achieved the goal, you improve your life and become a better version of yourself.

In this post, I will be discussing two vital things that determines the extent of your goal and I will like us all to take it very important. Making your goals a reality goes beyond the usual view of it. There is a great need to discover two major things which are :-

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Your Strength and, your Weakness.
When an individual is able to identify his strengths and weaknesses, little are the things he will have to struggle with in life. If you will be sincere with yourself at least for once, you will admit that there is no one without his own shortcomings. Identifying your strength and weakness is one thing that is very important in academics and career.

Let’s become practical now, take a stroll to the past and consider the last pursuit you made and didn’t achieve.
Frankly speaking, if you had discovered your strength and also identified your weaknesses you will notice it would have been a success.
Before I begin to dwell on the two key points, I will like to site an example from my personal experience. During one of my semesters in school, I had an GP of 4.24 while the highest in my department had 4.40 I got interested in what made him score higher that I did, so I went to check the score board where I discovered we both had 6 distinctions but due to my weakness in account and mathematics, he got higher grade than I did.

Not discovering this two parameters can surely destroy a whole lot of plans and note, you must never focus on one than the other.

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1. Your Strength :-
There is no one without his own strength and the most interesting thing is that our strength differs in most cases. When an individual is able to identify his strength, he makes things easy for himself and save the stress of roaming around one single thing he has at his reach.
To attain your pursuit in life, you must know your capacity and ability, your level of endurance, smartness and accuracy.

2. Your Weakness :-
When you fail to discover your weakness, it will catch up on you in a way you least expect and might cause a lot of damage. Identifying your weakness tells you where more you need to work and focus.
The major reason why your admission has not been possible is because you have not sat down to spell out where you are weak, same goes to the reason why you have not gotten a job or able to run your business well.
Your weakness does not have to do with physical defects but things you are not good at doing.

Below is list of areas People Experience weaknesses;
. Academics
. Finance
. Communication
. Non challant attitude
. Inability to control yourself
. Shyness
. Fear
. Addiction etc.
Yours might be here try to work on it and see yourself lunching into your goal.

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