UNIOSUN Academic Calendar 2015/2016 Released

All students of the University are hereby informed and are implored to check the academic calendar to know the order of events as scheduled by the management.
Below is the outline of UNIOSUN 2015/2016 academic calendar for the session;
Monday, 9th November: Assumption of studies by Fresh Students
Monday, 9th November: e-Registration for all Students for Harmattan Semester 2015/2016
Monday, 16th November: Resumption for returning students/commencement of Lectures for all Students
Wednesday, 11th November: Orientation for fresh Students
Tuesday, 17th November: End of Orientation for fresh Students
Monday 23rd November: e-Registration ends for all Students
Tuesday, 24th – Tuesday, December 1st: Late Registration with Penalty
Wednesday, 2nd December: Late Registration with Penalty ends
Monday, 7th December: Management Meeting
Monday, 8th December: College Board of Agriculture, Education, Health Sciences &Law.
Tuesday, 9th December: College Board (SET ,Management and Social Sciences, Humanities and Culture)
Tuesday, 9th December: Board of Postgraduate Studies
Wednesday, 10th December: Committee of Provosts, Deans and Directors.
Thursday, 11th December: Business Committee of Senate
Friday, 12th December: University Research Committee
Monday, 15th December: Management Meeting
Tuesday, 16th December: Matriculation of Fresh Students
Wednesday, 17th December: Library Committee/ Security Committee
Thursday, 18th December: Academic Planning sub- Committee/ Senate
Friday, 19th December: Staff- Students Colloquium
Monday 22nd – Sunday, 3rd January: End of the year Break
Monday, 4th January: Resumption after New Year Break and Continuation of Lectures
Monday 4th January: Management meeting
Tuesday 5th January: Board of Postgraduate Studies
Wednesday 6th January: Committee of Provosts, Deans and Directors.
Thursday 7th January: Development Committee
Friday 8th January: University Research Committee
Monday, 11th January: Security Committee
Thursday, 28th January: Senate
Monday 13th February: End of Lectures (Harmattan)
Monday, 18th February – –Saturday, 20th:Revision week/ Lecture Free Week
Monday, 22nd February – Monday, 11th March: Harmattan Semester Examinations
Monday, 22nd February – Friday, 26th February: GNS Examinations
Wednesday 24th February: Security Committee
Monday, 11th March: End of Harmattan Semester Examinations
MARCH 2016
Monday 14th March -– Sunday 20th March:Harmattan Semester Break
Wednesday, 21st March: e-registration for all Students for Rain Semester 2015/2016 Session
Wednesday, 21st March: Resumption/Commencement of Lectures for all Students
Thursday 17th March: Security Committee
Thursday 24th March: Staff-Students Colloquium
Thursday 24th March: Board of Postgraduate Studies
Thursday, 31st March: Late Registration with Penalty ends
Thursday, 31st March: Senate
APRIL, 2016
Monday 4th April: End of e-registration for Rain Semester
Tuesday April 5th -– Tuesday April 12th: Late Registration with Penalty
Tuesday, 5th April: Finance Sub-Committee
Wednesday, 6th April: Special Meeting of Committee of Provosts, Deans and Directors
Monday, 11th April: Ceremonials Committee
Tuesday,12th April: Business Committee of Senate
Wednesday 13th April: Late Registration with Penalty ends
Wednesday, 13th April: College Board (Agriculture, Education, Health Sciences and Law)
Thursday, 14th April: Board of Postgraduate Studies
Friday, 15th April: Appointments and Promotions Committee (Administrative and Technical)
Friday, 15th April: College Board (Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Management and Social Sciences, Humanities and Culture)
Friday, 15th April: University Research Committee

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