UNILAG Senate Final Decisions on Students’ Protests This April 2016

UNILAG senate decisions on April 2016 students’ protests. Senate suspends University of Lagos Student Union Executive and the Student Legislative Council.
 Senate, at its emergency meeting of Friday, April 22, 2016 considered the Report of the Investigative Panel as well as the recommendations from the Committee of Provost and Deans on same and directed that, in view of the violent and disruptive nature of the protest:
  1. The University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU) Constitution should be suspended until further notice
  2. The ULSU Executive and the Student Legislative Council should be dissolved forthwith. 
  3. Faculty and Departmental Associations should work with the University Management through the Students’ Affairs Division in the interim.
  4. ULSU Constitution should be reviewed to include conflict resolution mechanisms such as establishment of Judicial Arm and Financial Guidelines, which shallbe the prelude to subsequent elections into ULSU offices.
  5. The University shall re-open for full academic activities on May 2, 2016 and the first semester 2015/2016 session examinations shall commence on May 9, 2016. Returning students must sign an undertaking to be of good behaviour which must be properly endorsed by their parents/guardians.
  6. Locking of the University gates or invasion of any facility during any protest is hereby prohibited. Students that violate this regulation shall be expelled forthwith from the University.
See also: UNILAG Announces Resumption Date After Protest – 2015/16.
Students are reminded that the award of degree of the University of Lagos is made to persons who are found to be worthy in “learning and character”.

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