Tuesday 8th March 8/03/2016 JAMB CBT 2016 Questions & Answers For Day 9

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– chief
– arresting the minister and his cohorts
– Aloho
– chief
– Ayo
– metaphor
– suicide
– crete
– lago
– there is no proof
– fofo
– night
– first person
– once by this wife
– solidarty
– smothering
– personification
– Bigger’s mother
– night
– death
– culture
– relationship between God and nature
– hunting
– repetition
– auditory
– conflict
– narrative
– suspense
– litotes
– setting
– style
– didactic
– theatre of the absurd
– personification

* 10 [how many students are in class] * 3 [what is the modal score?] * 12cm [lenth of pie…] * 8cm
* 60%
* 7(pie/3 + 4)cm
* cum
* -58/27
* -10-root35
* -3 [fine the minimum…] * 100
* 120cm^3
* y >_ -x+3
* 30degree
* 7 [evaluate LOGbase3 27 + logbase3 81] * 24 [a cinema hall..] * #14100
* 12x(2x^2-4)^2
* x^2/3 + x + k
* 8
* 3 years
* 2.7
* 12.5%
* 7!
* x < 3
* 14
* 120degree [from the diagram..] * 6 [if log2q + logbase2 16 = 10] * semisircle
* 58degree
* 7 [from the table above. Find the median] * 8 [evaluate logbase2 128..] * 80degree
* 720degree
* 1.2 [find the product of 2.5 and 0.46] * 1/3
* 122base4
* 7!/3!4!
* 2x – 1
* 17
* 6(3x+2)
* 2x(a – 3b)(2b-y)
* 8x + 4/x^2
* 16 [find the sum of infinty of the following…
8+4+2+1+..] * x > -8
* 4 [p varies directly as the cube…] * 11 men
* 2 [sum of 3x, x+2 and 3x is 14…] * 13 [mean of 6, x, 8 and 5 is 8,..] * 2 [if y = 2x + 3 is parallel..] 6:30AM TO 2:30PM

he was just a man
he was asked to multiply and fill the earth
pray for
first day of the week
ceasarea philippi
sole dependence on God
there was evil in the land
the humble
his respect for saul
keep themselves poor
marriage to foreign women
community living
buy the holy spirit with money
Egptian midwives
speak to the rock
joy over a sinner who repents
those in authority
thirty years
his commissioning service
poorest people
dead in christ
find peace with all men
son of God
they were terrified
the law was binding on him also
in the temple of GOD
jezebel’s introduction of idol worship
treating the offering of the lord
grace given to them
stipulation of the demands of new Government
They bear more fruits
-isoquant is tangent to the isovost
-downward sloping
-ordinary shareholders
-efficiency in pricing and distribution of the products
-scarcity of resources
-indifference map
-industrial activities
-long-term financial instruments
-scarcity, choice, scale of prererence and
opportunity cost
-demand and supply forces
-devalue a country’s currency
-the forces of demand and supply
-price mechanism
-price to be constant
-MP = 0
-level of income
-shares are easily transferred
-a contraction of employment in service industries
-credit facilities to farmers
-over dependence on oil
-have a very strong capital base
-cost of production
-reaches a minimum
-generate revenue
-distribute income equitably
-low level of standard of living
-raw materials
-lower level of industrial development
-ineffective use of stabilization measures
-few sellers
-money market
-%change in quantity supplied/%change in price
-the level of savings
-increasing bank lending rate
-a decrease in price and an increase in quantity
-an increase in equilibrium price and a decrease in
equilibrium quantity
6:30AM TO 2:30PM

– economic dependence
– restraining order
– introduction of presidential system
– 1967
– National youth service corps
– absolute monarchy
– age
– 1963 constitution
– fix and allocate production quotas to member
– best citizens rule
– israel
– indirect election
– naturalization
– presidential system
– liberia
– indirect rule
– there is a separate election for the executive and
the legislature
– Sarkin Ruwa
– prevents many members from defection
– president
– conceived by the military
– charismatic
– have similar interest
– hierarchy
– NRC and SDP
– suspend the constitution
– Historical record
– signing of treaties
– protect her domestic
– absolute power
– clifford constitution
– refer findings to appropriate authorities
– Britain
– Alaafin
– a money bill
– presidential
– 1979 constitution
– council of ministers
– charismatic authority
– separation of power
– 1976
– private ownership
CHEMISTRY March< br />-group 1
-[H2O] 2/[H2] 2[O2] -hydrogen bonding in hydrogen fluoride
– +2081 Jmol-1
-an increase in the bacterial population which
reduces the level of oxygen in the water
-concentrated solution of NaCl
-2 (numbr of isomers in…)
-a solution of borax in water
-Concentrated H2SO4
-682 K
-an alkyne
– +5
-decrease in pressure
-Butanoic acid
-increase in nuclear charge
-pure copper plate
-maintain the solution at a constant pH
-sodium trioxosilicate (IV)
-soft solder
-raw materials for the cracking process
-charles law
-partially filled d orbital for bond formation
-Q will form electrovalent bond with S
-less than hydration energy
-SO2, CO and NO2
-3 (questn is abt struc. isomers)
-optical isomerism
-dry the gas
-the level of savings
-indifference curve is tangential to the budget line
-excess demand
-efficiency in pricing and distribution of the products
-ac is lowest
-inadequacy of infrastructural facilities
-shares are easily transfered
-isoquant is tangent to the isocost curve
-a decrease in the quantity demanded
-it widen inequitable gap
-long term financial instruments
-discount rate
-an increase in economic output
-the marginal cost curve is equal to the marginal
revenue curve
-decrease in the population
-decrease in population
-an increase in the rate of productivity growth
-perfectly inelastic
-increase in the quality supply
-process them into finished goods
-per capita income
-dual exchange rate system
-use of goods and services
-members are the owners
-the use of crude implements in farming process
-total utility depends on the quality of the
commodities consumed
-the mean and standard deviation
-ease of diversification of production
-mixed economy
-composite supply
-few buyers
-Setting up local industries to produce goods
formerly import
-an increase in equilibrium price and quality
-AC is lowest

ENGLISH 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)
-the man appeared to be showing interest in her by
his prolonged eye contact
-eye movement is the most potent means of
expressing intimacy
-lack of uniformity in eye behaviour and the
variability of contact situation
-shifty eyes are equally induced by innocence and
-even among strangers, attitudes and purposes can
be deduced from eye behaviour
-meat and leaves
-maintenance of close family ties
-chimpanzees are carnivorous and gregarious
-eat termites in season
-had become rude and unruly
-during the mid-term dinner
-felt she was snobbish
-the school needed her mother’s support
-her participation in the christmas concert
-punish jimi for the wrong doings
-miss novi
-she was suprised
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-he ran into a teco of policemen
-had become rude and unruly
-during the mid-term dinner
-felt she was snobbish
-the school needed her mother’s support
-her participation in the christmas concert
-punish jimi for the wrong doings
-miss novi
-she was suprised
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-he ran into a teco of policemen
-he ran into a team of policemen
-distracted by a band playing on the field
-her admission into the senior class was unusual
-he was a small wiry man with odd accent
-i should stop paying attention to what is most
-the robber was surrounded by the people
-he is grumpy
-they are barely surviving
-the amount available may be Inadequate for
projected expenditure
-the woman may be arrested for allowing her
children to be a nuisance to the neighbours
-he had a hard decision to make
-it would never be possible for her to pass
-olu gave his brother a difficult time
-adeola should not go to the farm today if he so
-an orignal
-a reduced
-sewed up
-have been
-flowers of ours
-as well
-to and fro
-wanted/had been
-who went to abuja by air?
-what did my mother buy yesterday?
-is musa passing through enugu?
PHYSICS 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)
*Z only
*increase the number of turns
*A 300hn resistor to it parallel
*it can be use for marking permanent magnet
*commutator and brushes
*the level of water remains unchange
*the steam is at a higher temperature than the water
*the atmosphere absorbs the sun energy at nig

*photoelectric effect
*II and IV (vector quantities)
*vernier callipers
*pie degree/2
* losses potential energy and gains kinetic energy
*at infinity
*I,II,III and IV (kinetic theory)
*I and II only (pressure dependent)
*fall below the liquid level if d liquid does not wet d
*rotational and oscillatory motion
*period of vibration of d particles of d medium
chemistry 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)
* MnO2
* 18
* 0.900g
* the presense of mobile electrons
* 10.88g
* boric acid
* +3
* frequency of collision of the reactants increases
* K
* I2
* brittleness and hardness
* Na2O2
* 0.056
* NH3
* blue to pink
* ethoxyethene
* decantation
* the action of dilute acid on a trioxocarbonate (IV)
* negligible
* crystallization
* M
* CaO
* ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2
* 0.30
* methane
* prolongs the life of the filament
* unsaturated
* 4-hydroxyle-2-methylpentanal
* C5H18O3
* C10H22
* -196 kjmol^-1
* octane
* electrovalent
* C4H10
* a neutron
* greater than bond-forming energies
* a temperature and higher grade petrol is obtained
* zinc readily dissolves in it
* impurities
* moisture from the atmosphere without dissolving in
* 1:2
* an increase in the value of equillibrium constant
and greater products yield
* petrol
* have high melting points
* zinc
* the electrolyte becomes more acidic
* potassium tetraoxomanganate(VII)
* Mg(OH)NO3
* the reduction in the amount of dissolved osygen
* 10.0 moldm^-3

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