MW and Nissan roll out dual-plug EV chargers across the US

In some says, Tesla’s Supercharger network is its ace in the hole — you can buy one of the company’s electric cars knowing that you’ll have speedy charging when away from home. BMW and Nissan aren’t going to let this competitive edge go unanswered, though
. They’re launching a network of 120 dual-format fast chargers (both CHAdeMO and CCS) across 19 US states, any of which should bring most EVs up to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. The stations should be available now, and you can find them in the automakers’ respective mobile apps.

The team-up is mostly meant to spur sales of the i3 and Leaf, of course, but the brands are also aware that this could help the EV industry as a whole. Right now, many public charging stations are still the slow variety that won’t help much when you’re eager to get home. Having even a modest network of (mostly) universal fast chargers could boost the confidence of buyers worried that the hassles of owning an EV could outweigh the environmental and financial advantages.

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