Meet the 5 Categories of people that say “Education Does Not Guarantee Success”

There are a good number of people who often say “Education does not guarantee success”. This article will unveil them.

1. The Illiterate.
The illiterate, as they are known, are ignorant of the power of education. The predominance of them
see years spent in school as a waste of time.

2. People With Financial Crisis.
Another category of people who often say “Education does not guarantee success” are those who can’t afford to send their children to higher institution or the victims of these parents. They say this to console themselves.

3. People who give up when seeking admission.

The indolent people have never run out of excuses. They always have something to say to defend their inabilities. After they could have applied for admission for a number of times and couldn’t make it. They end up saying “Education does not guarantee success”.

4. People with poor grades.

Students with low grades are often scare of their chances of graduating well. They mostly have the phobia that their certificates will be inoperable. A good clause they used to soothe themselves is “Education does not guarantee success”.

5. Those who succeed without education.

Let me first congratulate this category of people for their achievements. This set of people at times discourage people from going to higher institution because of their success without the effect of education. They won’t use those who make it with education as examples but only themselves. Like the first category of people I mentioned above, they also see education as a waste of time. They constantly say ” Education does not guarantee success”.

According to me, It is true that education does not guarantee success but it is one of the prerequisite of success.

Article written by Sotikare Olakunle

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