Join E-cooperative And Turn N1000 Into N320,000 In Just One Month

Join E-cooperative How To Turn N1000 To N320,000 In One Month or Turn N1000 To N40000 In a Week. 
Its not just an investment scheme where you will put your money to grow, after sometimes, the investment company or scheme folds and run away with your money JUST like MMM.

No its a platform where members help members, its more like a team work.
Members pay members, E-cooperative has been running for upto 5-6 months without giving any problem. One intriguing thing I love about E-cooperative is that its a team work.
I joined E-cooperative last month, as of the time of publishing this article 27/01/2017 I’m one month old on E-cooperative and have earned about N320,000 which is Level 3. Some of my friends are in Level 5. They are organizing seminar for it in lagos
With just N1000 why not make a difference in your life. N1000 is not a risky investment. It sowing good seed and reaping the bountiful harvest tomorrow, start now with E-cooperative.
Imaging investing with N1,000 and getting back N2,560,000 in 2months time

How does E-cooperative works


After successful registration you are now in Level 1
Level 1:
Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to. 
Upon confirmation by the person, you will be automatically matched by the System to receive payment of 1,000 naira from 4 members, giving you a total of 4,000 naira. 
Level 2:
After receiving your payment of 4,000 naira, you upgrade to level 2 by paying 2,500 naira (from the 4,000 naira you got from LEVEL 1) to a member in level 2 which the system will pair with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 2500 naira from 16 persons, which is 40,000 naira.
Here, you pay 5,000 naira (from the 40,000 naira you got from LEVEL 2) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed,you will be automatically matched to receive 5000 naira from 64 persons, which is 320,000 naira. 
Here, you pay 10,000 naira (from the 320,000 naira you got from LEVEL 3) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 10,000 naira from 256 persons, which is 2,560,000 naira.
To get started with
After then you call or add me on WhatsApp: 07061837436. Only call when you’ve registered.
With the help of our WhatsApp E-cooperative Group chat we will give you downlines that would pay you N4,000 to move to another level.
With the help of our vibrant community, you will reach level 4 in couple of months. It occurs regularly now. Get in now and start climbing fast. It’s fun and it’s enriching all the way.

E-Cooperative Online Login

For Old members login to E-Cooperative Online back office
> Input your username and password Click login
> You will be asked to upgrade from Level 0 to Level 1

How to Upgrade on E-Cooperative Online

> After login, tap menu
> Click upgrade
> The person you are to pay details will be displayed to you
> Call or text him of the payment to be made
> After making payment, you have to submit payment by copying the transaction code if you have and paste it in the transaction box below the payment instruction
Click Submit. As soon as you pay to the person, call or SMS as to alert the person of the transaction.
Note that The person you pay to will be able to confirm your payment when you submit the payment form.
To get started with

How to Add or Update Payment Details on E-Cooperative Online

It is crucial that you add payment details or else
you won’t be matched to receive payment
> Login to your account on E-Cooperative Online,
> Click the menu and click profile
> Scroll down
> You will see the bank details box, edit and update it.
> You can see those that have been matched to pay you on the matrix page
> Click the matrix link on the menu and you will be brought there…

Upgrate to Level 1

Note: Before you click the link below, make sure you have your ₦1,000 ready because you will be given some hours to pay the ₦1,000 for level 1 activation and there you go. 
Contact me: 07061837436
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