How To Start computer business centre with cybercafé in Nigeria

How start a computer business centre with cybercafé in Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a computer business centre with cybercafé in your locality? Do you want to know what it takes to open a computer business centre with or without internet café? If you are actually passionate about business centre and you want to learn how to make money from this business? Then below 

If you are actually passionate about business
centre and you want to learn how to make
money from this business?
Then below is an in-depth guide on how to start a
successful computer business centre.
Computer business centre in Nigeria is open to
offer several services such photocopying, secretary
works, spiral binding and laminating of paper
materials, instant passport photographing,
typesetting, installation of systems, computer
training, internet services (for computer business
centre with cybercafé ), typing and printing project
work, letters, correspondence, memoir etc, and
other computer services.
The demand for computer services is high
especially in tertiary institutions, offices and in
different work areas. This business is one of the
profitable medium scale businesses in Nigeria; the
business can give a high profit margin when
managed properly and run alongside with a
cybercafé .
A cybercafé or internet café is a place where
Internet access is provided to the general public,
usually for a fee. This business usually provides
snacks and drinks, hence the café in the name. The
fee for using a computer is usually charged as a
time-based rate, in minutes or hourly.
Most computer business centre runs computer
services alongside with cybercafé for the purpose of
maximizing profit and as well as providing a
complete computer services package to their
Now, if you have actually decided to go into the
business of providing computer services to clients,
then below is everything you need to know about
starting a computer business centre in your locality.
5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own
Computer Business centre in your locality
1. There are a lot of niche market that one can
target in computer services business
2. As a computer business owner, you will add to
the development of your community and country at
large, with respect to job creation.
3. You can work independently and offer your
services to institutions, school , etc
4. It is one of those businesses that you can start
small and then grow big.
5. The business is still a virgin business and it is yet
to be exploited fully in this part of the world
How to start a computer business centre in your
Though, this article is targeted to a region (Nigeria)
but computer services business is a profitable
business that can be taken advantage of anywhere,
respect of your country, state, town or locality in the
world. The major differences will be cost of the
startup of the business, your locality perceptions,
and government policies of the region you are
Make a decision to start your own computer
business centre in your own locality
To get started in computer service business, you
need to first decide if this business is for you. As
other businesses may require, computer services
business need dedication and hard work; I advice
you read the article “ 10 helpful tips in starting a
successful computer business centre” to know what
it takes to start a successful computer business
Acquire all necessary skills, training and
service business is a service oriented
business and hence it needs skill, experience and
expertise. It is important you understand want
things are involved in running a profitable
computer business centre.
A good way to start is to attend a computer training
school especially if you going to run computer
school alongside with your business center to
acquire both basic and professional certificates in
different computer applications and programs. I
will suggest you read this; ‘ top 10 computer
applications and programs every computer
business center owner should learn’
One advantage of acquiring this basic and
professional knowledge is that tomorrow you need
to open a computer training school in which you
will be boss. Though, you may start off the business
then hire instructors while you learn on the field.
However, I will rather suggest you go get certified
If you are to grow the computer business centre to
a high level then you need such a business
initiatives and skills such as;
• self-management skill,
• financial independence and where need be, ability
to Raise Funds to Start the computer business
• Appealing personal traits.
These personal appealing traits include; being
patient, zealous, hard-working and ability to work
under pressure.
• Creativity.
• Best use of personal skills.
• Confidence
Choose a business name for your computer
business centre
Choose a business name for computer business
centre and then register it. Consider starting your
computer business centre as a registered company
rather than as unregistered company. The reason
why many businesses never go too far is because
they fail the register their business name. I will
suggest you register your business. For those of you
in Nigeria who wish to register their company can
register it now on CAC online business registration
portal and if you are non-Nigerian, you inquire
about the parastatals in charge of business name
registration in your country.
Write a computer services business plan
Any business without a business plan is short-
circuited. A business plan will serve as a blueprint
for the business and its management. Having a
business plan clearly helps you set your business
mission, vision, goals and objectives; and also help
keep you on business track. Even if you are starting
computer service business as ‘one man business’,
write a business plan for it because it can become
an important tool tomorrow for the business
expansion and outsourcing for fund. Banks can’t
give loan without seeing your business plan. Again,
to expand your computer business centre by
attracting investors to invest in the business, you
have to write a winning investor’s business plan.
Look for a good location or space to rent
If you are going to make money on this business
then you need a good location. Of course, you
should know that it best to site the computer
business center near colleges, high institutions and
work offices complex.
Create your price list
You can create your price list by checking out what
other computer business centre collect for a
particular service they render to their customers.
As a new beginner in the business, the price for a
particular service you offer may be a bit lower than
what others collect for the same service to help you
ild a good customer base.
Get your computer business centre permits and
operating license
As a new computer business centre service owner,
certification is not enough to run the business; you
will need to find out what license is required and
acquire it immediately. Before you apply for a
computer service centre license, you must meet the
criteria that will qualify your permit. Unless you are
thinking of starting ‘any how computer business
Purchase the necessary computer business
centre equipment and materials
The natures of equipment you will use depend on
the size of your computer business centre.
• Photocopying machines
One of the major equipment you need is a
Photocopy machines. There are those who are
willing to sell their fairly used photocopying
machine at a good price but I strongly advised you
buy new ones. The reasons being that;
• It will last longer,
• it will save you the stress calling a technician
always to repair broken machine
• Fairly used photocopy machine can be
• The new one makes the photocopied works come
out sharp and fast.
• there is manufacturer guarantee on the new
machine, an added advantage
• Different paper size
You need different paper size such A4 paper, A5,
Letter, portrait size, Envelop, Cabinet etc. This can
either be bought as a rim or as a carton of five rims.
Depending on the amount you have.
• Staplers and Pins
There is giant paper stapler and also regular sized
stapling machine too. It is advisable that you get
both as you will be having customers doing high
and low volumes of work.
The other consumables you will need are spiral
binding materials. These days, you do not need to
use spiral binding machine depending on the
volume of work you want to bind at once.
• Desktops and laptops
You need computers and Laptops. At a start, you
begin with five desktops and one laptop. I
recommend that you get a laptop computer instead
of a desktop computer. If you cannot afford that,
you can however go for a desktop computer.
The major advantage of laptop over a desktop is
that it saves power. The battery of your laptop can
serve you for few hours of fuel spent on powering
desktop computer.
Different Color Printers
You customers may need to print their work. So,
you need different color printers to print material
from both internet and typed work for your clients
Internet café and Internet subscriptions
(computer business centre with cybercafé)
You can attach a cybercafé to your business centre
for customers who will like to access the web, print
out from their inbox, download or upload material
like photos, PDF, etc. To acquire internet access,
you can buy modems from different
telecommunication network and subscribe for their
monthly internet data plan or you subscribe for
monthly internet plan from good internet wireless
connection (hotspot, wiFi etc) providers
List of Equipment and Materials you need to
start a Computer Business centre
• Shop
• Computer set
• Printer
• Scanner
• Furniture
• Managers desk
• Server (internet)
• Router
• Networking Cables
• Inverter
• Air conditioner
• Generator
• Tv set
• Dstv / local antenna
• Staplers and Pins
• Papers
• Website
• Instant Passport Sized Photo
• Spiral Binding Machine
• Laminating Machine
• Paper cutter
• Standby generator
Decide on the number of Staff to employ
Computer business center is service oriented
business which only one person can’t handle alone.
So, you will definitely need helping hands.
Here are list of staff you can employ depending on
your operation capital;
• Manager and computer instructor
• Secretary/Receptionist
• Computer operator
• Assistant Trainer
• Van driver
• Graphic designers
• Web designers and developers
• Computer engineer
• Data analyst
• Data Base Admin
Moreover, it is important that you train your
employees so that they can provide the type of
service you want and preserve brand image. In
addition, you can also hire an accountant to keep
your expenditures and revenue, invoices and mail
A Full detailed Cost for Starting a Computer
Business Centre
Tentative cost Start-up Summary
Total start-up expense (including professional fees,
website, and related expenses) come to N700000.
Start-up Plan
Start-up Expenses
Temporary Help N20000
Stationery, etc. N15000
Building Improvements N15000
Telephone N5000
Standby Generator N58000
Photocopying machine N60000
Rent N80000
Professional Development N50000
5Computer Packages N240000
Spiral Binding machine N40000
1 Training Projector N100000
Transcription Machines N20000
8 Computer Tables N25000
6 Computer Chairs N4000
3 File Cabinets N5000
1 Desk N10000
Advertisements N25000
Laminating machine
Internet subscriptions, router & cables N12000
Profit Prospect Estimation
Some quick survey I did and questionnaire reveals
that computer business center owners around
UNZIK campus, Akwa Anambra, on the average
make close to N20, 000 daily. I was shocked after
the research.
A paper page typed work cost between N100 and
N200. Some people will like to type close to 30
pages which amount between N3000 –N6000. This
is done within one and half of the day.
As a beginner you might not make up to N20000 but
you will likely make more than half of it
A projection of Annual Revenue and Profit of a
Computer business centre with cyber café
• Revenue: $400,000 – $4 million
• Profit (Pre-tax) – $80,000 – $1 million
Advertisement of your computer business
7 ways to advertise your computer business centre
You can advertise your computer business centre
through the use of;
1. Producing and sharing the company’s brochure
2. Designing and giving out the company’s business
Cards to different office that may need your service
in future
3. Sharing of company’s Flyers
4. Newsletters
5. Sending out Introductory Letters to public and
private establishment
6. Promotional tote bags, etc.
7. Web Presence i.e. creating a website for the
4 major challenges in Starting a computer
Business centre in Nigeria
1. Paralytic electrical power supply
To stay profitable in this computer business centre,
you should just assume that you are going to be
running generators for a 24 hr basis, 365 days in a
Multiple taxes
Starting a private business in Nigeria is more like
opening office for local councils and state govt. You
just need to know what are the right taxes and the
proper way to pay them so you will not be exploited
by so called government officials
Sub-standard computer and computer products in
There are a lot of fake and substandard products in
the market and it won’t make business sense if you
invest in such products that won’t last for the long
for you. It would be better to buy brand new
computers for a start and original ones rather than
fake or cloned ones.
Software virus challenge
Many computer business center operators don’t
know take care of their computers talk more of
installing antivirus to the computer and they end up
leaving their systems infected thereby reducing the
efficiency this computers.
In summary, you can a computer business centre is
profitable business anybody can do. You can start
the business a small or medium scale business and
then end up as a large scale business enterprise.
However, you can as well crumble; it all depends on
you. Follow the right path to the business and you
will definitely succeed.

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