How to Hack Wi-Fi Network Using Android Smartphones

Happy new month people… Can you perceive freshness in the air? Something is about to happen. December is one of the shortest sweetest month of the year. Well to the “I’m not too techy” dudes and babes, don’t worry this tutorial promise to be easier to understand.

Note: This tutorial is purely for educational purposes and I won’t be held responsible for any illegal activities you engage in with it.

Today I’m going to show you how to hack a wifi through android…. I’ll treat iOS another day.
It can be so annoying and disturbing when you turn on your wifi and you discovered that your neighbor has a WiFi connection but you can’t connect to it because it’s passworded; or you are in the midst of companies with different WiFi connections but you just seems not to be able to connect because it’s password. Just chillax and follow me carefully because I’m going to show you how to hack your neighbors wifi in easy steps.

How Can I Hack my Neighbors WiFi?

I’m going to touch only the surest and tested ways to hack your neighbors WiFi.

Method 1
I have tested this app more than 100 times and results were around 80% success in cracking was enabled wifi passwords within minutes.

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==> Root your device

1. Download and install wps wpa tester here or download Premium version here
2. Open the app and grant it root permission
3. Scan networks
4. Click on wifi name and crack the password. This is easy without much stress

Method 2
Wifi Password Scrapper.
This app scrapes and saves the passwords for any secured wifi hotspots in the vicinity. One good thing about the app is that you don’t need to be rooted before you use this.  It also gives you the option to automatically connect to the hotspot with the best signal.

   Download it here
1.Open app and press refresh
2.Then the list of WiFi networks available will be shown.
3.If you see a green Lock Icon click on it
4.Press Try to Connect
5 In seconds a pop up will appear with the password
6.Enter the password and enjoy free WiFi.

Method 3
==>Your device must be rooted
==>Your device must contain broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 chipset.

1. Download and install bcmon app from code google page here
This tool enables and start monitoring broadcom chipset for your mobile phone.

2. Allow installation for unknown sources from the security menu of your phone while installing the app. 3. Run bcmon app.
    After successful installation, run the app.

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4. Enable Monitor Mode Option
“Install firmware and tools”, if this is promoted simply click on install and after that enable monitor mode option.
5. Download and install Reaver app here Reaver is a program developed to crack the WPS PIN in order to retrieve the WPA2 passphrase.

6. Launch Reaver. Tap the Reaver for Android icon in your App drawer. After confirming that you are not using it for illegal purposes, Reaver will scan for available access points. Tap the access point you want to crack to continue.

7. Verify your settings>>>Also make sure that the “Automatic advanced settings” box is checked.

8. Start the cracking process. Tap the “Start attack” button at the bottom of the Reaver Settings menu. The monitor will open and you will see the results of the ongoing crack displayed.

This tutorial is purely for Android and iOS users will get theirs in subsequent time. 

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