Get Glo 12GB Data For Just N3,500

This Airtel weekend  data plan N100 for  1GB is seriously making a lot of sense and I want all the doubting Thomas’s to know that it works just fine. It doesn’t zapp like normal Airtel data plans and the good news is you can top it up to any amount you want meaning with just N500, you’ll get 5GB. If you all will permit me, I’ll just say this is one of the best Airtel Data Plan and I hope they won’t change their mind later in the future.

Back to business.  A lot of you are familiar with Glo Bis rocking fully well on Android but not working at all on PC in which it deter most PC users from benefiting. Glo rocks like thunder without any contradiction but I think PC, and heavy internet users should also benefit from this, hence I’m going to introduce you to Glo Killer Gigs.
This is How it Works
Glo ideally gives you 12GB for N5000 but this Glo killer GB gives you 12GB for just N3,500. Meaning if you have more than one computer or Cyber cafe, you can use this plan.
This Glo killer gigs works on all universal modem and glo netpro modems, rooted android devices, tablets and routers. At the moment, they are working on making it available for iOS and window users.
How Long Does it Last?
It last for 30 days and doesn’t rollover.
How Can I Subscribe to it?
To subscribe, you’ll need to send me a mail and I’ll link you up with those in charge (yomiprof @ gmail dot com).
So if you have a universal modem, more than one computer’s in your office or you are simply a heavy internet user, then I think this plan is ideal for you.

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