FUNAI Releases Academic Calendar for 2016/2017 Session

The Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (FUNAI) , Ebonyi State 2016/2017 academic session approved academic calendar is out.
FUNAI 2016/2017 academic calendar has been approved by the senate in principle subject to adaptation in response to events and reviews.


                                                                                  FIRST SEMESTER
Staff retreat/Orientation in preparation for the new academic session
Wednesday, 5thOctober – Friday, 7thOctober, 2016
Arrival of returning students, provision of accommodation
Saturday, 15thOctober, 2016
Registration starts for returning students
Monday, 17thOctober, 2016
Interdenominational service to inaugurate  the academic session
Sunday 23rd  October, 2016
Commencement of 1stsemester lectures for returning students
Monday, 24th  October, 2016
Arrival of freshmen, provision of accommodation and registration for freshmen
Monday, 7thNovember, 2016
Commencement of 1stsemester lectures for freshmen
Monday, 14thNovember, 2016
Registration for courses end for returning students
Friday, 25thNovember, 2016
Saturday, 26thNovember, 2016
Vice-Chancellor meets with Students and Staff
Wednesday, 30thNovember, 2016
University Orientation for fresh students
Thursday 1stDecember & Friday 2nd December 2016
Mid-Semester Examination for returning students
Monday, 12thDecember– Friday 16th December 2016
Registration for courses end for freshmen
Friday, 16thDecember 2016
Christmas Break/ students depart from campus
Saturday, 17thDecember – Saturday, 7th  January, 2017
Students return to campus
Sunday, 8th  January, 2017
Continuation of 1stSemester lectures
Monday, 9th January, 2017
Wednesday, 11thJanuary, 2017
Mid-Semester Examination for freshmen
Monday, 16thJanuary, – Friday 20th January, 2017
Last day for submission of Mid-Semester Exam result to the department for processing
Thursday, 9thFebruary, 2017
Revision week for returning students
Monday, 6thFebruary  – Friday, 11th February, 2017
1st semester examination (200 -400 levels)
Monday, 13th  February – Friday 24th February, 2017
Revision week for freshmen
Monday, 27thFebruary – Friday, 3rd March, 2017
1st semester examination (100 level)
Monday, 6th March – Friday 17th  March 2017
End of 1stsemester/Students vacate campus
Sunday, 19th  March, 2017
Marking and submission of  1stSemester exam scripts/results to the department
Thursday 30th  March, 2017
                                                  SECOND SEMESTER
Students return to campus
Saturday,  25thMarch, 2017
Lectures begin
Monday, 27th March, 2017
Easter Break
Thursday, 13th April – Friday 21st April, 2017
Faculty boards meet to consider 1st Semester results
Wednesday 19thApril, 2017
Mid-Semester Examination
Monday, 15th May, 2017- Friday, 19thMay, 2017
Senate meet to approve 1st semester result
Wednesday 24thMay, 2017
Last day for the submission of 1st semester students’ result to the Registry (Exams and Records)
Friday  26th  May, 2017
Deadline for submission of 2nd semester Mid-semester Exam results to the  HOD
Thursday, 1st  June, 2017
Thanksgiving service to mark the end of the session   
Sunday, 2nd   July, 2017
Revision week
Monday, 3rd  July , 2017 – Friday, 7thJuly, 2017
Monday 10th July, 2017- Friday, 21st  July, 2017
Break /students depart university campus
Saturday 22nd  July, 2017
Marking and submission of  2ndSemester exam scripts/results to the department
Thursday 3rd  August, 2017
Faculty Boards meet to consider 2nd Semester results
Wednesday 16thAugust, 2017           
Senate meet to approve 2nd semester result
Wednesday 30th  August, 2017
Last day for the submission of 2ndsemester students’ result to the Registry (Exams and Records)
Friday 1st  September, 2017
                                              SUMMARY OF ACADEMIC SESSION
First semester
Second semester
Registration                       –  1 week
Registration                  – 0
Lectures                             –  11 weeks
Lectures                        – 12 weeks
Mid-Semester Test            –  1 week
Mid-Semester Test       – 1 Week
Student’s week                  –   0 week
Revision                       – 1 week
Revision                            –   1 week
Examination                 – 2 weeks
Examination                      –   2 weeks
Total                                  –   16 weeks
Total                             – 16 weeks
1st Wednesday of every month (Semester Time )
Staff developmental workshop/seminar
2nd Wednesday of every month(Semester Time )
Departmental research seminars series & meetings
3rd Wednesday of every month (Semester Time )
Faculty Board Meetings
Last Wednesday of every month (Semester Time )
Senate Meetin

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