Caleb 2016/2017 University School Fees for the Session

Details  of  approved  fees  per  semester  for 2016/2017  session  is  as  stated  in  the  attached schedule. Candidates shall be allowed to register only upon full payment of prescribed fees.

 While candidates are at liberty to choose from available types of accommodation on the  approved fees schedule, an alternative accommodation shall be allocated where the preferred  type is not available.  Allocation of accommodation shall be on first come first served basis.
Also,  full  payment  for  the  accommodation  type selected by      candidates  for  the semester is required before they will be  allowed into the halls of residence.
Full payment of the total school and accommodation fees due for the academic year is also acceptable.
All payments should be made in bank draft or managers cheque from any bank in Nigeria in favor of CALEB UNIVERSITY LAGOS. The bank draft should be exchanged with the University official receipt at the bursary department on or before resumption. Cash payments shall not be allowed.
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