2016/2017 JAMB CBT Chemistry Expo Questions And Answers

For science, Chemistry Jamb 2016/2017 Questions/Answers Expo, in all subjects like
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Economics, etc.
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Updated on 27th of February 2016
Chemistry.1A 2B 3C 4D 5B 6B 7C 8C 9B 10B 11D 12D 13A 14A 15B 16B 17C 18B 19D 20A 21C 22C 23C 24B 25B 26D 27D 28A 29B 30B 31D 32A 33D 34C 35 C 36C 37B 38B 39A 40A 41D 42A  43D 44B 45C 46B 47C 48B 49B  50D.

Answers on for Jamb expo runz on chemistry For March 2nd 2016

CHEMISTRY [ PART I] ============================

-a decrease in oxygen content -SO^ 2 4
-pyrogallol solution
-H 2 S04
-high refractive index
-E .Rutherford
-NaNO 3
-be slow
– 1,3
-+ 3
-increasing the size of the containing vessel
-F 2
-H 2 S
-molecular formula but different structural formula
-S (s )
-CH 3 CHO and CH 3 COCH3
-C 6 H12
-hydrogen sulphide
-22 . 4 dm ^ 3
-good conductivity
-60 000 J
-glucose and fructose
-condensation and hydrolysis
-more than the blood
– forming energies
-234 and 91
-calcium oxide
-2 .39g
-200 degree census
-250 degree census
-increased surface area
-37 degree census
-1208 . 67cm^ 3
-helium atom
-C 4 H 8 04
-an oxidizing agent
-96 g
-C 4 H 10

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